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November 30, 2008


This poem is dedicated to all those popular, snobbish, bitchy and dim-witted girls (curtsy AD) whom i have stumbled upon at some point of time in my life.....!!

You're one of those girls whose always on the scene,

You're only here to spawn trouble you know what I mean.

You're slim, you're pretty.. and you're daft for Pete’s sake!

Not to mention your snobbish airs and your personality fake!

All the girls wanna be you, and you’re sought by all the guys.

Why wouldn't they, you have that flashy smile and those beautiful eyes.

You know how to maneuver people to get your own way.

You’re a typical drama queen, and you’re like that every day!!

But heres the thing!!!

Honestly grow up you brat!!

I’m sick of your shit and I'm gonna give back

Get over yourself, you're no better than anyone else

In fact! most of us are better off than you..

coz we have brains,

but tell me, do you??


What a nightmare this has been for all of us since the past 60 hours.....I’m unable to find words because my brain is clogged with various hues of emotions---anger, fear, shame, frustration, sorrow and an unwavering urge to fight back..
Is there no security to our lives...? Are we living in anarchy where we are supposed to anticipate masked men carrying AK-47's all round the city ready to blow the brains out of people's heads at random just because they feel like it....!!?
The iconic and beautiful landmarks of our beloved city has been stained with the gruesome smear of hatred.....the stunning structure built by our patriots...ABLAZE...!!
We will not turn this into anarchy and we solely are to blame for this and not anyone else...
What have we come to....?? MUMBAI...!! Seeing a hostage crisis.....??
We have seen television news channels hurl haphazard figures at us-killed, injured…..and every time we have these fanatic organizations take accountability of their glorious deeds…!!
And what does Mumbai do after all this….???? Get back to work….show the Mumbai spirit….(honestly I feel like throwing up every time I hear this line)….Oh! get real people...we don’t get back to work just because we are resilient…..just because we are courageous……its only because we have to earn our livelihood…..or else we would lose the rat race…..
Our politicians are just a bunch of good for nothing, greedy pigs…..who would go to worlds end when it comes to contesting elections…..but would prove quite powerless when it comes to important matters like this…..
We require politicians who have the guts to stand up to all these atrocities….not just to warm the chairs……we do not need these politicians to fill up the vacancies in parliaments……ministers are appointed not so that they can be ornamented by all of us….
With a lot of respect to the elderly, I think it’s high time we stop electing ministers who are aged…..the speech and promises given by every prime minister is extremely humdrum…….
Do we see these politicians coming forward to clear up this mess…? An INDIAN OBAMA maybe…..but the politicians contesting elections these days….NEVER….!!
Is there anyone who could take charge of these issues…? The army…?
Yes maybe….as they are the only ones worth respecting now….
All those people who suffered for a cause… save their precious MUMBAI….!!..... Who never would have had to give up their lives in the first place..!!
I sincerely request the home minister to resign if he has even a little bit of shame left in him……I am ashamed to have a minister like you…….
WE ARE ANGRY……AND WE AWAIT ACTION…..!! lets take this unfortunate incident in a positive manner…..and vow that WE WILL FIGHT FOR JUSTICE…..!!

Jai hind..!!