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February 25, 2009

Bed-Bug Battle..!!

It was 3 a.m in the morning and my cousin sister who sleeps like a log, woke me up to tell me there was a bug in her bed. I wake up with a start and rush to her side. She points her finger at her pillow and I see a tick-like creepy crawly creature looking for cover. I throw the pillow in fright only to reveal four more bugs crawling around. Both of us look at each other and put two and two together. The mystery of the itchy spots on our hands was finally solved. BED BUGS…!!

I quickly grab a piece of paper and sweep the bugs on to it. My younger brother wakes up due to the commotion and takes a look at the bugs. “Oh My God...!.” Yes, exactly. These blood-suckers were enormous. We threw them out of the window(gave an aweful smell when we killed one! yuck!) We searched the area for more bugs, but couldn’t find any. Then we decided to check each other. Everything was fine until I spotted a bug in her hair and I screamed (just when I was gonna be proclaimed as the braver one!). Finally after half an hour of screaming and doing the “I just saw a bug” dance, mom wakes up and comes in a hurry. We vacated my room as fast as we could and finally slept in the kitchen (Of course, we were tired with all that screaming and dancing!).

Finally, in the morning, the pest control people arrived and sprayed some smelly liquid (made me wanna puke and I even caught a cold). They said that the bed-bugs multiply very quickly (Really? Now I'm really looking forward to tonight!). Thankfully, the infestation was not too bad.

That night we slept in the kitchen again coz the smell was too unbearable and I did not recover from the shock of seeing the bug in my sister’s hair. For the first time in my life, in all these years, i had seen a bed-bug! (yup! they do exist!)

Hope things are better tomorrow….Damn you bed-bugs..!!

February 19, 2009


Well, this may sound really silly. There has been a tradition in our family right from my mom, her sisters, her cousins to me and my cousins to become a fortune teller during fancy-dress competitions at-least once on our lives. A fortune teller named MADAM ZEEBA…! We would dress up in a long black cloak (actually our mom’s dupatta/stole) with sun, moon and stars pasted on to it and a scarf around our head. Our crystal ball would be a small plastic ball covered in silver. I remember when I was madam Zeeba, 12 years ago, boy was I terrified. I came up on stage and set up my props (table, chair and crystal ball) and said in a scared, shaky voice our traditional dialogue (which my mother painfully made me learn by-heart):

“I am Madam Zeeba,
The greatest fortune teller in the world.
The past, the present, the future,
I see it all, in my crystal ball.
Oh! What do I see here?
I see a great India.
There shall be no war, no hatred.
Peace shall prevail and man shall love man.
Thus sees and says, the GREAT ZEEBA..!!”

I will never forget these lines ever. These words will always remain etched in my mind and forever close to my heart. I guess it’s one of those things which make all us cousins a bit more close. Maybe my daughter will become a fortune teller one day. And guess what, tomorrow, my youngest cousin; the last of my generation will ascend on to the stage as MADAM ZEEBA..! All the best my little angel, make us all proud!

Blogger Accolades..!!

I was given the following awards by my sweet blog-buddy "The Passionate Bookworm". These are my first awards and they will always be special to me. Thanks a lot dear..

The Honest Scrap Award:

The Friend Award:

The Lemonade Award:

I would like to present these awards to my favorite blog-buddies...

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Once you have received an award, pass it on to 10 more blog-buddies. Enjoy guys....

February 15, 2009

"M" lovin it..!!

Well, I was assigned the letter M by “The Passionate Bookworm” and I have to list out 12 things I love starting with this letter. It was a bit tough, but I managed to get 12 things. If you’ll want to play too, let me know and I will assign a letter to you too.
So here I go..

I love my mum sooo much. She obviously tops my list. Her endless and unselfish love has made me what i am today and i thank her for all that she has done and is still doing for me. Shes my everything…:) muaah!!

I’m a hard core music lover- rock, pop, instrumental, blues, u name it….!! (plus, i play the piano too...)

Well of course, where else do you think I go for retail-therapy…??

Although I don’t wake up that early, there is something about the morning I really love. Maybe it’s just the fresh and cheerful mood.


Ohh…I so love this movie…Marty, King Julian, Alex….everyone in this movie is so hilarious…!! I love both the parts…hope they make a third part too…!!

The mirror is one of my best friends and my most honest critic.. Can’t live without it…

Well, who doesn’t want one..?? I’m crazy about this car( I get a rush when I see one)..!!


Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and Fort Minor rocks in every song….!! He’s simply the best !!

i love miracles and i believe in them. (My cat had survived three months of complex surgery. i had prayed a lot for him. after that he was as naughty as ever and full of life. ) Miracles do happen....

It’s one of my favorite chocolates. I literally hog on it if I get a chance (although I don’t put on weight…thank god..!!) My uncles usually get it for me when they come down from the States.

I love mozzarella cheese…’s the gooiest and yummiest cheese of all!! (my stomach is rumbling already..!!)

Yes, it’s Marley from the movie ‘Marley and Me’. I would love a dog that eats everything on site and is soo adorable and crazy…who howls at the thunder and who drinks out of the throne (:P)….and cannot stay in one place for five minutes.

February 10, 2009


Let’s have a recap on what happened recently in Mangalore, India. On a normal Saturday afternoon, some lunatic Hindu fanatics calling themselves the “Ram Sena”, barged into a local pub and started chanting some silly slogans. They began brutally hitting the people (especially women) there, calling them names and did awful stuff to them in the name of the “Moral police” - trying to protect the decency of Indian culture. And the reason they gave for all this, if you ask me, “Girls and Boys of different religions were dancing together.”

The women all over India have decided it’s payback time..!! On 14th February, 2009, Valentine’s Day, the moral police have declared that if they see any boy and girl together, at public places, they would be arrested and forced to get married…!! (I seriously would like to dissect and examine this guy’s brains). So, we are going to gift this asshole for his brilliant plan. Behold the PINK CHADDI CAMPAIGN..!! On Valentine’s Day, all the women are requested to gift the Ram Sena, a pink Chaddi (underwear) (used, unused, dirty, old…whatever….)….the more flowery and frilly…the better… and if you don’t have any, you can buy a cheap one…and I mean dirt cheap one and send it to them.

Women here, already have a lot of restrictions in their lives and the Ram Sena's antics are an icing on the cake. A lot of women have signed up for the campaign. In fact, many men have also joined it too. And to see the Ram Sena office flooded with bright pink underwear, will be such an amazing site..!! Maybe we can even decorate their office walls with the pink chaddis…lol.. I honestly think it is a wonderful (stinky) idea for a non-violent and funny campaign...and thats what the Ram Sena deserve….a lot of stink. This is one great political move..hats off to the brains behind this idea…!


Finally, here is the poster to the campaign…!!

February 7, 2009



As I pass time at home,
The sunlight streams in from the windows,
And lights up that vacant place on the floor,
Where I recall you used to rest in content,
The soft noises of our footsteps on the floor,
Are so dreary and silent,
As compared to the happy scampering sound of your feet,
In every room, all around me.
The bizarre things which used to make you bark,
And the things which made you scared,
I treasure every moment of your company,
And you know, it will always be there.
But I will take that unfilled space on that floor,
The unused dish in the kitchen,
The cute little toys you used to play with,
And all the things you have bitten.
I'll keep them all for you, my buddy
Swathe it with all my love,
Shield it with my heart and soul,
Until the time we both meet above.

Miss you, pal!

(P.S- I hope you are hand-fed bone-less chicken pieces up there too!)

February 3, 2009

Lights, Camera.......GET ME OUTTA HERE....!!!!

Well, it all started when my twin brothers got their blazers home for their school farewell. They seemed very excited after trying them on and mum had tears in her eyes (My boys have grown up! Sniff!). Mom then came up with the idea of getting a photograph taken of the two of them at a photo studio (in spite of having two 5 megapixel digital cameras at home!). I played along with the idea and helped them look decent. (:P)

Then suddenly mum comes up with another idea! She asks me “Why don’t you come along with them wearing your college blazer and we can take your picture too! I would love to have a picture of the three of you’ll together.” (*Kaboom!*) And after what seemed like hours of protesting and whining, mum finally gets me to agree to come with her.

I try on my blazer and VIOLA! It doesn’t fit. I have never felt so happy before, in a moment of self discovery! Mum tried to put in her own remedies to make the blazer look good on me but it still looked short (as if it was practically choking me).

Then another brilliant idea! Mum suggests that the photo can be taken only till my waist so that the length of the blazer is not seen (God! When things were getting better….). After everybody was finally ready to leave, one of my brothers realizes that his hair is too scruffy and decides to go for a hair-cut before he takes the picture. (Are you freaking kiddin me?!). So he changes out of his clothes again and goes to the barber. Finally after half an hour of changing and re-changing, all of us were ready again to leave for the photo-shoot!

My previous experiences with this photographer have never been pleasant. He kinda likes capturing the expression showing the element of surprise, so he never warns you before he takes your picture…..In short; all my previous I-card photos look as if I have just seen a ghost!

We arrive at the photo studio and the photographer rubs his hand in content (Gives me a creepy feeling….my last chance to run away!). Mom tells him exactly how she wants the photos to be taken…3 Solo photos and 2 group photos. So here he goes….ROLLS…CAMERA…FLASH! In ten minutes he was done. Photos were to be collected the next day.

Mum sends me to collect the photos the next day. I reach there and the photographer smiles his evil smile and hands me a big bundle of photos! (WHAT THE….?). The asshole had taken 4 copies of each photo (one for each member of the family???) and slapped a fee of 1000 bucks for 20 photos! And even worse…..when I came across my solo picture, it was a full length one, clearly showing me suffocating in my blazer and shit scared of the ghost I just saw!!!!!