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June 26, 2009

A tribute to the Invincible King of Pop…

I just put on the news and was shocked to see the headlines “King of Pop dies at 50.” It really made me very sad coz I really was a big fan of him. From the smash hits such as “Black or White” and “They don’t really care about us” and “Bad” to the invention of the moon walk, this sensational singer did it all. He broke all the possible barriers through his songs and he’ll always be remembered. He brought the world together with his music. In spite of having a bad reputation when it came to his personal life, his music overshadowed everything. His death has been a major loss for everyone throughout the world and for music. Michael Jackson, you will be missed…
This is for you Jackson…

Jackson was a THRILLER.
But he really was a SMOOTH CRIMINAL,
He was BAD,
And he didn’t care whether she was BLACK OR WHITE
He told us “I want to ROCK WITH YOU”
Now we all just REMEMBER THE TIME…

June 24, 2009

Saving You The Trouble.....

Whenever you are in trouble, don’t panic. Just calm down and count to five and there you go, everything is going to be alright. She hated this statement. She thought, “When my life is spiraling crazily out of control, why the hell should I count to five?? Have you ever experienced this? Has your life ever gone so out of hand that you would love to stay in the darkness and drown in your tears? Well, join the gang! I’m the founder by the way!"


She sat there and looked up. She smiled. “There you are. You were never a great friend, you know. Have you ever faced such lunatic problems in life? I don’t think so. You look like someone whose has never had one hair out of place. Just perfect! Ahh…there comes that smile of yours. You like being called perfect, don’t you? You know, mom doesn’t like you. And I really don’t know why. She tells me to stay away from you. But…you’re so faultless and ideal. You understand me so well. Wait a second, I’ll be back, Moms calling..!”


She came back hurriedly.
“Ah…that was close. Mom heard voices. She was asking who I was talking to. I told her I was watching TV. Don’t worry, I didn’t give you away. She would freak if she knew I was talking to you. She hates you. But how would she understand? You are the only friend that I have got! God! I hate being so pathetic. I hate being me! You don’t know how hard it is to be someone normal! Every morning, I don’t want to get up. I want to be you. They say I am going through a “dark phase”. Well, at least my therapist says so. But what does that idiot know? One degree doesn’t stop him from being an idiot, does it? Do you think it’s easy loving yourself? You know what I wanna be? I wanna be NUMB. I don’t wanna feel anything. I wanna be you. You know something, I bet mom likes you better than me, with your perfect everything. You made me like this. But mom, she cannot see all this. I know she hates me. I hate you. Well, I hope the two of you live happily ever after in your fucking world!


There you go. I’m gone now. It’s so simple. One shard of broken glass can make your life so much better.
Oh fuck! The mirror! Damn. Moms going to kill me for this. Ohh wait a minute, she won’t have to. I already did that for her.!

June 23, 2009

What has bollywood come to?

It’s been about 10 days since the multiplex strike has been called off. But just when the Mumbai crowd seem to heave a sigh of relief, they are treated to two disaster movies- Kal Kissne Dekha (which I have not watched coz I don’t even like the title of the movie) and Paying Guest. Talking about paying guest, I was one of the courageous people who went to see the movie. I was also one of the first people to leave the theater during intermission. But the movie does serve as a good bait for all of us to wait for the big movies to come out (I hope they do well). The comedy is pathetic, although a few scenes in the first half an hour make you smile (Just smile). The rest of the movie makes you feel run over by a car again and again and again. The movie tries to compete with the sleekness of Dostana, but never manages to come even close to it. The comedy is forced on to you and it looks like the director and the actors struggle to make you laugh. The dialogues suck and so does the music. To cut a long story short, this movie makes you pay for getting bored. Hope someone breaks the bad spell of movies out lately.

June 21, 2009

Thats ME!!

Sometimes people wonder where my secret lies,
Coz I don’t have the looks that catch the eye,
I am not extremely pretty or a model size zero,
I try to be modest, but they think that I lie,
They say that I am a mystery, a treasure chest,
But even though I tell them the truth, they can never see,
I tell them; maybe it’s the sparkle of my eyes,
The stride of my step, the curl of my lips,
The arch of my back, the light in my smile,
The click of my heels, like happy feet!
They shake their heads and are still unaware,
They try to find more, but there is nothing there,
They stand mesmerized,
My head is not bowed, I never shout to catch attention,
I don’t talk real loud,
But when I pass by, it ought to make you proud!
Coz, I’m a woman.
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me!

June 14, 2009

Unadulterated Love!

It is said that “Humans are ruled by emotions and animals are ruled by instinct”. Animals buddy-up with their owners only because they know they would get food and shelter. These statements come from those people who never have had close contact or have owned any animal.

Why would a cat jump up and run to you and purr when you call out its name? Why would a dog greet you so excitedly and wag its tail every time he sees you? Although cats and dogs love differently, they do show love.
Cats are more independent animals and will show love and affection on their conditions. A cat will come when called (yes, they can be trained!), but that does not necessarily mean that he/she is “in the mood for love”. Though some cats like to snuggle up to their owners for hours, some give you short bursts of affection only. If you annoy your cat, she might ignore you for hours, even days (Yeah, I have been here before!). Cats are not quick to forgive and forget, but they are loyal. An abused cat might try to escape, to run away from you, a cat that is just annoyed because it dislikes brushing or nail clipping will ignore you, but still love you.
If this is not love….then what can you call it..??

Here is a video that brought tears to my eyes. I would love to share it with you’ll (although some of you’ll must have already seen it)!

June 9, 2009

My first attempt at 55 - Fiction!


Scurrying around the house in the midst of some work, she stepped on something soft and furry.

She shrieked in fear, “Oh! I’m so sorry Sally!”

She looked down. It was only the kitchen mat.

She sighed.

“I miss you fur-ball!”

June 6, 2009


Splitsvilla (or shitzvilla)- a show where a bunch of worthless, good for nothing guys and girls are taken to a place and asked to date each other and eventually dump each other. Sounds fun right? Yes! This is MTV splitsvilla - downright disgusting and degrading. A show so horrible that it makes me feel as if someone put their hand down my throat, grabbed my small intestine, pulled it out of my mouth and tied it around my neck (Yes, I borrowed this line from FRIENDS).

I really have no idea what they try to achieve.
- which couple looks the best
- who can wear the skimpiest clothes
- to compete with the beauties of the world (God! Why do they even try?)
- to get cheap publicity
- who can stoop the lowest
- to finally get a “happily ever after” ending to such a repulsive show

It is pathetic to see girls competing with each other for a guy and performing various tasks like mud wrestling to win them over. These girls go till the extent of wearing skimpy swimming costumes or dancing provocatively to win their guy. They literally beg and plead to the guy and they get shunted off rudely. What public humiliation! Yuck! It insults the very meaning of the emotion of “Love”. And the amount of crocodile tears shed when someone is dumped…it really makes me wanna snap everyone’s neck. Plan, plot, play and dump- that’s what this show portrays. Let go of your final iota of self respect and there you go…you’re perfect for this show!

I’m really glad this pathetic show is finally over today. I bet Splitsvilla 3 will have even more shameful stuff coming your way!

What do you think?? Is stooping so low for the 5 lakh prize money really worth it???

June 4, 2009

To My Ghost Wanderer.......

See how the sun slays the moon every morning,
How the inky black sky is throttled by the rays of the blazing sun,
How the nocturnal animals have to scurry for their life at the sign of light,
If they actually made peace with each other, would we still have night and day?
Do the sun and the moon actually fight a battle for reign while we are in peaceful slumber?
Every morning, the sun rises and drives my sanity away.
I am insane, I am scared, but the world isn’t a place for cowards,
I have to hurry, I fall and I have to get up as the world isn’t a place for the aching beings.
However, I am a part of this world,
The sunrise, it isn’t mine,
But I make peace with its golden rays,
Which passes over me, creating a mask, it gets me through another day.
I close my eyes, my mind wanders,
Through traffic, houses, the concrete jungle, friends,
My mind wanders to you my love, your smile which makes my day, my ghost wanderer,
For once, I feel this sunrise is going to be different,
The day is going to be mine, and mine alone.
I dream of you every night, and my dream dies a temporary death every morning,
As the sun takes command, you come back as a day dream,
Do you ever wonder what would happen if the sun never rose,
And we both could sit in our corners of the world and dream about each other?
I know you would like that,
I feel it’s more than just telepathy,
We would be together, my ghost vagabond,
As the sun rises, I suffer from withdrawal symptoms,
I need to get high, I need the drug,
You are my drug honey,
We are all on drugs, aren’t we?
Emotional, material, or plain old pot,
We inject it, smoke it, feel it,
We get high,
We come to a point where we can’t get any higher,
You are like that, my love,
Running through my veins, a part of me,
In unspoken words,
In silent glances,
In the sunsets,
In the moment suspended in time,
That never seems to pass,
Are you like me?
What is your drug, my love?