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July 19, 2009

Terrible Coincidence??

June 26th:

Walking down the street, they were behaving like lunatics singing “Blame it on the Boogie” by Jackson Five out loud. They were on their way home from a local club. It was 2.20 a.m. They were having a discussion about which is the best Jackson 5 song ever.
“Isn’t Jackson 5 dead?” She asked.
“No dude, Jermaine and Tito are still alive. I don't know about the rest” her friend answered.
Just two lines….uncanny isn’t it?
1. It was the first time they had ever sung this song together.
2. She accidently forgot MJ even though he was alive and his music immortal.
3. It was 2.20 am IST.
4. 2.30 am IST—Jackson passes away.

Eerie, isn't it?

July 4, 2009

Are you clumsy too…??

Sigh. I hate being so clumsy. Although I provide a funny incident and am a part of interesting stories in silent moments, I am not actually proud of it. In college, I have to bang my leg somewhere or trip over something. My lab coat always gets stuck at door handles resulting in broken buttons or torn pockets. And at least once a week I spend time sewing buttons on to it again. I cannot eat properly with a fork and a spoon and have to eventually resort to eating with my hands. I knock over coffee cups. I forget that my cell phone is kept on my lap and I stand up. I get shampoo in my eyes every time I take a hair bath. I spill something or the other on myself whenever I wear white. I have even banged my head on to a clean window! I have banged my shoulder onto door frames many times. The worst part about everything is that I laugh aloud when something silly happens to me. Not because I find it funny, but I try to hide my embarrassment when I do that. I have hit my head while getting out of the car and slammed the car door on to my fingers. I trip while walking almost every day. I have kind of desensitized my parents to loud bangs and crashes. When someone asks me how I got a bruise or a scratch, my answer is “I don’t know!” I can be elegant and graceful when it comes to writing, coz whenever I make a horrible mistake, there is always a backspace button waiting patiently for me. But in real life, I feel so ham-fisted and clumsy. I guess writing chose me instead of the other way!