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August 22, 2010

Back to the start....

The intense, warm fire dances on,
Like an orphan in ocher to her heart’s song,
The cadence carved in her heart,
She stares at him through the breach in the door,
She lets a few stolen glances pass as their silence hits the floor,
And then she goes back to the start…

To when they both were little, and their hearts were still untainted,
To when the most depressed moments, each other’s love was the cure,
To the petite games they loved to play,
To the silly things they liked to do and say,
How joy always found its way,
In to their hearts each and every day,
Summer, winter, spring and fall,
How allure painted it all,
In colours complacent of anything sad,
How that escape in the seemingly perfect world, made them so very glad,
The tiniest gesture meant everything,
And so many songs they loved to sing,
The lyrics to which they didn’t know,
How they just couldn’t wait to grow,
How they lay in the grass and wished upon a star,
How they stole beer cans from the nearby bar,
How they were so frightened to touch,
How the smallest things meant so much.

As she stands there today, she wants to ask, “Dear, do you still miss me now?”
She wants to ask, but she doesn’t know how,
She wants to tell him that their love isn’t gone,
She misses the brilliance, with which her innocence shone,
She wants to tell him that she loves him still,
She always had and she always will,
She wants him to just give her one smile and mean it,
She doesn’t want any more pretence, coz she has already seen it,
She wants to hold him in her arms so very tight,
Through the day and throughout the night,
She wishes he saw the fire in her eyes,
She wishes in her words, he sensed the lies,
For she misses the past and how things were,
How nothing else mattered except love, to him and her,
But now the walls of time and taking each other for granted are slowly closing in,
And this battle of head versus heart, she alone, cannot win,
If only for a while, she wants her childhood to return,
Just for its uncomplicated, beautiful, adolescence to burn,
Take out all the ugly parts….
……and go back to the start…

August 7, 2010

Blah Blah...

More randoms...? Sure!

1.  When the people who don't know you well and the people who have met you only once call you know you're amazing! When they say they are not insecure about themselves...
Hehe...who the hell are they kidding...?

2.  I have a completely hay-wire, dramatic and complicated life. Who wants a perfect life..?? A life in which you don't have anything to crib about...everything is simple...
people who say "Everything will be alright....just smile through your problems!"
What world are you living in sunshine? You know what you're going through when you say that..? Its a six letter word...

3.  Its easy to fall in love. true story :)

4.  Why do liars get away with everything..? It seems like good never wins over...evil? No...What word was I looking for..?? Nevermind.

5. Cosmo magazine has EVERYTHING in it. Period.
(Stop Smirking!)

6. Its difficult not to get upset when people think wrong things about you. The ones who know me, never judge me. The ones who don't...well...I pity them...

7.  Don't you ever blame me for something you did. That is not how it happened. You know that very well.

8.  When people whom you trust and who meant a lot to you end up doing something you least expected. Its a freaking stab to the heart.

9.  We were young once...Remember those Junior College days when you used to have fun 24/7 and finally you wake up one day and think, "Man...I totally screwed up!" It happens to all of us.

10.  It happens to the best of us. Yeeeeaaaahhh!!! It totally does :)