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September 18, 2010

Forever, love

Shining candles, melting pools of wax, the white in your eyes, love.
Ceramic fingertips, full of life,
Smoky black eyelashed love,
Twilight tresses, sunshine lips,
Unsaid desires, waking dreams at dawn, love.
Satin sheets and flowery curtains.
Fading footsteps, breaking into a dance, love,
The melody written to the click of your feet.
Four rings, the crash of bad news, love.
Laughter which used to run through telephone wires, now hang dry.
Six feet under, frozen, gleaming love.
Heart-breaking tranquility, bone-crushing hurt.
Mahogany coffin, asphyxiating love,
The numbness to the world, a blurry vision,
Gloomy cemetery, melancholy farewell, love.
Gone, but always remembered.
Never forgotten, now and forever, love.

September 9, 2010


Its just another choice. Tandoori or Barbeque Paneer? Pepsi or Sprite? Red or Purple? Life or death.

Discontent is easy to deal with. Just like I read somewhere, “It is so easy to live, complacent of it all.” So true. I’ve gone through so many paradigms of the remorseless human spirit, and I question why? As far as I’ve heard, there is no special club for fighters and strugglers up there in heaven. So why do we take all the trouble..?

I’m not trying to be stylishly cynical. I’m not questioning for just the eyeballs. This really makes me think. We’re born. We eat. We breathe. We make people’s lives shit. We make our parents lives shit for our friends. We make our friends lives shit for our lovers. We make our lovers lives shit for other lovers. And then we make our own lives shit. Guess it’s a pretty simple life.

Monotonous, some may say. Quite boring. Too standard. We want to be stand out. We want to be unique. But what happens when everyone wants to do so? Be different in different ways. And so we all end up being the same. Hardship shows man at his strongest. Bullshit. Basic intuition says take the easy way out. So what makes us take the moral high ground?

Do we really know why we do the things we do? Shooting down innocents in a cold blooded manner….what is the motive behind this douchbag?? Dying accidently on purpose…Sad.. The games we play to cheat death. That sudden rush of adrenaline we get when we realize that we narrowly escaped our non-existence. We can take life so lightly.

Well, suicide is a different matter altogether. Some call it cowardice. True. But what about someone who has actually no reason to live. He is hated by his family. He is broke. People are looking for him because he owes them money. His wife left him. His house got seized by the bank. And now his life is completely screwed. Where does he stand now? Life? Death? Somewhere in between? Whats right here? Whats easy?

Think about it…