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May 24, 2011

For you, ma....

You haven’t seen me cry, ma,
Not because tears were never my thing,
I’ve never let you realize, ma,
I’ll never let you know.

I’ve seen people sell hope in metal cans, ma
And some rolled up in smoking papers,
But is that truly hope, ma?
What makes them end all hope?

I survive in a world without any color, ma,
My colorblindness makes me conceited,
I always see illusions, ma
Cause, my reflection is a dreamlike haze to me.

I watched you go down the street, ma,
And buy wilted flowers for twice as much,
But they still smell sweet, ma,
As long as they smell like you.

It’s been ages, ma,
Since you’ve cuddled me to sleep,
Am I too big for your lap, ma,
Or did I wander away?

I remember you used to sing to me, ma,
On a lazy Sunday afternoon,
You sang about time healing everything, ma,
Are you still waiting?

I’ve harbored misery, ma,
And dejection’s been a close friend,
But nothing reassures me like you, ma,
With you, I never pretend.

I wore scarlet tinted sunglasses, ma,
To validate my complacence,
But they dropped and got smashed, ma,
Under a cart full of authenticity,

I’ll lie one day in a coffin, ma,
And your tears won’t blemish my body anymore,
I’ll perish in a plastic basket, ma,
Frosty, pale and sore.

It’ll rain hope someday, ma,
And it will nurture your rebellious wounds,
I’ll drain the clouds dry, ma,
I’ll make it shower on you.

You’ll never see me cry, ma,
Not in a million years,
I’ll fade away slowly, ma,
Leaving behind all those unseen tears,

For you, ma..... for you...

May 15, 2011

The Bogeyman

I got Dash when I was seven. He was the most adorable and cutest dog I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I got him as a gift from my father coz I had done really well in my exams. The Science paper was the most difficult of all. But Dash made up for all the effort I had put in. I promised my parents I would take very good care of him. His glossy coat was beautiful and I loved to show him off to all my friends. Dash would bark at them if they were mean to me. He was very protective of me. My friends liked him. I used to play football with him but I was afraid he would get hurt.

Soon, Dash became very big and I could play football very easily with him. He would run around in the garden and bask in the sunlight. My Maid used to be very scared of him coz he would always bark at her. Probably he realized that I don’t like her. She always used to steal chocolates from me whenever mom gave me any.

Once I got into a fight with a boy in my neighborhood. Dash saw him punching me hard. He got very angry. So he went and bit him. I had to go and apologize to him. But secretly, I liked the fact that he got bit. Dash slowly started to bite everyone I didn’t like. It was like we had a telepathic connection.

Once, Dash bit a screaming, stubborn child coz he realized I was getting irritated. His parents threatened to shoot my Dash. I got scared and hid him inside my dad’s tool shed. Dash used to get very impatient and twitchy in there. But I never let anyone hurt him.

Remember how my maid used to eat all my chocolates? You would have realized by now, I love chocolates. So I had decided that when I become older I would open a candy store. My parents were very happy and they backed me up. They supported me throughout.

When I grew up, I moved out of my parents place. I now live in my candy store, with Dash. My candy store is very famous. The chocolates are very tasty. Many children try to steal candy. I know who they are. They come by often. Hardly do they ever leave. They love the chocolates I sell. They meet Dash and play with him. He’s very good with naughty children. He loves children.

Especially when I add a little BBQ sauce!

(Legend of the Bogeyman-  a very scary story that parents tell their children when they misbehave. The "Bogeyman" is a monster that got burnt when he was a child because he did not listen to his parents. He grabs naughty children to cook and eat them.

Bogeyman may be called "Boogerman" or "Boogermonster" and was most often used to keep young children from playing outside past dark, or wandering off in the forest.)