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October 15, 2011

Last Ride Home

Hey guys!! Last Ride Home is my younger brother's band! 

LAST RIDE HOME is a 4 piece alternative metal band formed in November 2009. 
They have performed and won many college festivals such as Umang 10', Grand Exito 10', Viva 10' and a few more. 
They have also played a few gigs at Not Just Jazz By The Bay, Irish Pub, and at other college festivals.
They are inspired by bands like Three Days Grace, System of a Down, Limp Bizkit, Blessthefall, Avenged Sevenfold and many many more. 

Our line up: 
Deep Rk- Lead vocals and Bass guitar 
Dev Rk - Back vocals and drums 
Shubham - Lead guitars 
Yashish - Rhythm guitars

They have got this wonderful opportunity to participate in the WORME Fest'11 with Vh1 that is being held all over India.
So guys listen.
I'm pasting the link of the event page.
All you have to do is click on it, scroll down to the comments section. Search for "Last Ride Home" and like the comment.

Please do vote... We really need your support.
Thank you so much!!
You can listen to their song on the widget on my left sidebar..

October 5, 2011

To my brothers...

I see your innocence mirror my skepticism in those deep black eyes of yours. It brings a tear to mine. 
Where did I go wrong? How did I end up being the antithesis to your smile?
 I was once like you. I believed in nobility. I believed that there was good without a “catch”. 
How did I come to this stage?
I envy you. You find your happiness in a slice of pizza, a Tom and Jerry episode, you’ll wrestling with each other. 
I smile. But its fleeting. 
I laugh. But my laughter is adulterated with melancholy. 
I find myself surrounded by unexplained cynicism. I’m sure your life isn't perfect. But you really do make it seem like it is.
I wait with bated breath for the day you find your purpose. I’m still looking for mine and trust me, it isn’t easy. 
Every moment of my existence is laden with questions. Where am I? What do I do?  How do I make my existence mean something to you? For you know dear, I’m nothing if not living for you. 
My happiness is in your silly grin, your curly top. 
My serenity is in your bear hug, the music you make. 
My hope is watching you do something dynamic. 
My hopelessness is in your tears. 
My dread is in your insecurity. 
My pride is in your achievements. 
As much as I envy you, your immaturity and innocence, I love you with every fiber of my being. 
I just hope one day you see how much you guys mean to me. 
For now I’ll settle for late-night Green Day and Linkin Park concert marathons, football matches and pop-corn, random kicking and fighting for that last piece of cake and the last scoop of ice-cream and kicking you out of my room coz you’re playing football in it.

**Look at the stars. Look how they shine for you, and everything you do.**