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November 18, 2011

A toast!

I raise a toast,

To the ones who defied all,

The ones, who soared, altered, inspired,

Themselves, others,

To the ones who struck stone against stone,

With the hope to create some warmth,

To the ones who looked at the never-ending seas,

And believed that there was something out there,

To the woman who started a rebellion,

Because she was mistreated,

To the man who stated a revolution,

Because he was a prey to racism,

To the men who were mocked,

But yet soared higher than the clouds,

To the little master, who raised his bat,

And the standards of a gentleman’s game

To the people who fought for what is right,

And hid the Jews during the annihilation,

To the ones who believed,

That the stars were not far away,

To the ones who saw into the future,

Where colour of the skin meant nothing,

I raise a toast, to the ones,

Who dreamed to dare and dared to dream,

Their names are engraved in the pages of history,

Their work, immortal!

So, have you dreamed today?